Precision Sports Medicine Testimonials



DAVID SHINSKY (Iron Man Athlete) : “Having completed 15 Ironman events over the last several years I have had several major and minor injuries to deal with.  Besides rest and recovery and just hoping an injury gets better I have seen many physical therapists, chiropractors, sports doctors and acupuncturists hoping to find the holy grail of super healing powers.  While there might not be a holy grail there is Dr. Matock and I believe for quality of service, time and price there is no one better.   

What I like about Dr. Mattock is that he is not a “one trick pony”.  He not only does massage but he also does ART and Graston to fix and correct what is going on.  He also uses technology like STEM, ?????, and other tools to help you heal faster and prescribes exercises to make you stronger and more balanced so your injury does not reoccur.  I have never had an appointment and have felt like he is rushed to finish his time with you to get to his next patient like so many other doctors do.  Sometimes your appointment is 20 minutes and sometimes it is over 1hr depending on what treatment is needed.  If you tell him you have a race in the next week and your hurt he will stay late or get there early to see you.  He shows empathy for an athlete’s desire to perform.   His price is also very fair for what you get which is a lot of  bang for your buck!”

STEPHANE PHILON says : “Stop wasting time seeing doctors that charge to much, don’t have the expertise or technology for proper treatment and rush you through appointments like cattle.  Go see Dr. Matock. I would not of wasted my time typing this if I did not feel so confident that Dr. Mattock is the best in the East Bay.
Dr. Matock will take care of those nagging injuries and get you back on your feet so you can enjoy life again. Forget other chiropractors, physical therapists... and start with him. An added benefit is that you can make an appointment directly with Dr. Matock, no need to go through your primary care physician. Be prepared to physically work with him during those sessions!”

BRETT MacDONNELL says : “Dr Matock’s A.R.T. and Graston techniques really kept my injuries at bay. His skills and knowledge of treating the body benefited me where other practitioners painful approach have failed.“


TARA GRIFFIN (Neck issues) : “I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Matock because for months, my neck would “catch” when I turned to look over my shoulder – when I was riding and wanted to merge left into traffic, or while backing my car out of a parking space. My first appointment included Graston, ART and stem.  After that one appointment, my neck never caught again!”

CHUCK OJEDA (Muscle & Joint injuries) : “I am pleased to discuss the benefits I received from Dr. Chris Matock at Precision Sports Medicine.  Over the past couple of years I have suffered from a few muscle and joint related injuries mostly from overuse or overstressed muscles.  I have been fearful that my injuries would force me to curtail workouts and limit my training objectives.  I decided to visit Dr. Matock and am so glad I did.

My initial visit left me with so many positive memories.  The only technique I knew of before my visit with him was his Graston technique.  Later, I was more impressed with the thoroughness of Dr. Matock's medical processes.  From the time of our greet, he exhibited awesome one on one dialog in explaining his evaluations and his planned techniques to improve my symptoms.  He put me at ease right away.  I was most impressed with the time he spent on me, and other patients I have talked with.  He attacks symptoms from multiple approaches, uses many effective techniques, and I felt nice improvements after each visit.  He is also quite knowledgeable in recommending effective rehabilitation stretching and massaging efforts that I can do between visits.

For the active multi-sport athlete, Dr. Matock is just one more effective aid for any age group participant.  He is extremely respectful of his patients, and works to his utmost to get his patients back on their feet as quickly as possible.  When I feel I have a difficult injury to overcome, I know that Dr. Matock is just a phone call away, and first comes to mind on the road to rehabilitation.”

JANET TSUJI (Triathlete with torn meniscus) : "I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Chris Matock and Precision Sports Medicine. I am a triathlete who loves to run and compete. But, after a series of three unfortunate knee injuries including a torn meniscus and IT Band Syndrome earlier this year, I found myself unable to run. It was devastating to say the least. But, from my first visit with Dr. Chris, I knew I was in good hands. From his thorough screening questions and diagnostic exam, to his comprehensive treatment and kind, caring demeanor, I knew that I had found the right doctor to get me back on the road.

The treatment sessions normally last a full hour or more and consist of the Graston technique, A.R.T., ultrasound, e-stim and, on occasion, kinesio tape application. While the Graston technique can be quite uncomfortable and painful at times, its benefit and value by far outweigh any discomfort it may cause. Besides, Chris constantly checks in with you to make sure you are doing okay and tolerating the treatment well. I have been to other sports medicine chiropractors and none of them spent more than 10 – 15 minutes on my treatment. Chris takes his time with you and you never feel like he is rushing you in and out. You definitely get your money’s worth!

Due to Chris’s expertise, I am thrilled to report that I am pretty much healed and am back to running. It took longer than I anticipated but healing a torn meniscus is a very slow process due to low blood flow in the area. That’s where the Graston comes into play. It stimulates the blood flow and helps speed up the healing process. While I kept asking when I could start running again, Chris kept telling me to be patient. He kept reminding me that I needed to keep the big picture in mind. Yes, I did lose one season of racing, but I am now healthy and looking forward to running the Boston Marathon in April and deciding which Ironman race I want to do next. Had I not been patient and listened to Chris, I probably would have started running too soon and may have ended up doing more damage to my knees.

If you are looking for a good sports medicine doctor…look no further. You have found him!”


LORELIE HOVEPIAN (Hamstring injury) : “I have only been going to see Dr. Matock for the last two months, but I would consider him and Precision Sports Medicine to be a life changer for me. I was struggling with a nagging hamstring injury that would reoccur despite other treatment. Dr. Matock not only discovered the root of the issue, but he spent an amazing amount of time each session applying every different technique in order to address the issue as thoroughly as possible. I am constantly amazed by Dr.

Matock's commitment and investment to bringing me into complete health. He goes above and beyond in his treatment while also providing me with confidence and knowledge about whats going on. I am so glad to have been referred to him by a fellow Forward Motion member, because I believe my athletic pursuits and my health in general has completely benefitted from his brilliance. I recommend everyone go see Dr. Matock, even for preventative reasons, you will be so glad you did.”


JANNA LIPMAN WEISS (Runner with foot injury) : “I ran on a sub-acute injury for 1.5 years that became seriously acute last fall. It turned out to be a damaged fat pad in one foot, also developing in the 2nd foot, but had been misdiagnosed elsewhere. He had me back walking/building up running again on a treadmill, carefully, slowly, within a few weeks. Within a few months, I was able to run 6 miles outside on dirt trails. By 5 months, I was back to running 24 miles a week, still being careful, but running my regular speed! He has also treated me for other injuries I've caused myself. I don't think I would have been walking, let alone running without Dr. Matock's help. 

Dr. Matock is the most thorough practitioner I've worked with, he is excellent at differential diagnosis, finding the root problem, and really spends the time on you. If something else is bothering  you, he'll make sure to get that too. Dr. Matock has a lot of tools in his bag- the mix of deep tissue work, Graston, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and kinesio tape has really made the difference, combined with his attention to what's going on. He's also a very friendly person, which makes visits all the better. His office is also well-run and efficient. 

I recommend him to all my friends and certainly ALL athletes who need help.”