The Graston Technique®


Graston Technique® is an innovative, patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions. Originally developed by athletes, the technique utilizes specially designed stainless steel instruments to specifically detect and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

The Graston┬« Technique  The Graston ┬« Technique

The Graston Technique® Instruments, much like a tuning fork, resonate in the clinician's hands allowing the clinician to isolate adhesions and restrictions, which ultimately allows for a more precise treatment. Just as a stethoscope amplifies what the human ear can hear, so do the instruments increase significantly what the human hands can feel.

Graston Technique® is successful in effectively treating all soft tissue conditions, whether they are chronic, acute or post surgical.


The Graston Technique® offers many advantages to the patient such as:

Graston Tools

• Decreases overall time of treatment

• Fosters faster rehabilitation/recovery

• Reduces need for anti-inflammatory medication

• Resolves chronic conditions thought to be permanent